Monday, 1 July 2013

The purple leopard

It's 1st of July, which means second half of the year is about to begin. There are so many things going around in my head recently. Though it may seem that I'm a happy-go-lucky or a carefree person, I do concern about my own future. I do want to be successful one day, be filthy rich and earning loads of money to repay my parents. However, I'm not sure if I'm choosing the right path now. Even though I'm confident that a bright future is ahead waiting for me to conquer it all, but for now all I know is I'm suffering and I'm trying hard to push myself to "like" it. The feeling is horrible.

Haha ok ok, enough of ranting. But I do foresee myself complaining about it soon, AGAIN. But whatever, forget it, let's enjoy these amazing photos taken by my little sister, shall we? :)

Absolutely love this set of photos taken by my little sister. She's so patient the whole time, giving me suggestions and waiting me to prep for this shoot. Only 13 years old and she takes good pictures in my opinion. :) And because she has done a great job, I can't help but to share most of the photos here. 

Cool eagle chain handlet that I bought during Diva's sale.

I was wearing:

Top: Bangkok
Jeans: Cotton On
Heels: Charles & Keith
Sunnies: Forever 21
Chain handlet: Diva

Sharpened my outfit by wearing a pair of cat eye tortoise shell sunglasses. Love how it enhanced the whole outfit. Paired my white button down with a pair of purple leopard print skinny jeans that I got for only RM30! Cotton On will always be one of my "must-visit-stores" during sale period, I mean hello... RM30 for a pair of jeans?!? Who doesn't love good bargains, right? Finally, I wore a pair of wooden block heel pumps to accentuate my legs. :)

I'm still in search of a perfect blogskin for my blog, so please bear with me for a while hehe. Hopefully I'll have a solution to it real soon. Before I go, hope you liked this post as much as I do. Because I think my sister had done a wonderful job in capturing all these photos. *Big claps to the 13 year-old young lady*
By the way, I'm going to Cameron Highlands with my classmates on Wednesday! I'm so excited already! :D

Have a great night everyone! :) Cheers!

Signing off...


  1. Very cute! :)


  2. Mad about the purple leopard printed jeans! Ultra cute!!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  3. great post and lovely blog darling! :)



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